Sales & Leasing

Everything we do at Nukor is focused towards delivering our customers greater energy efficiency.  Our goal is to save your business money in the long run and we do this by appraising your requirements in depth, selecting the right product for your situation and then setting it up and supporting it so it is always using the minimum energy possible to do its job effectively and reliably.

Every single product we carry has been chosen because we believe it offers the most common-sense combination of quality, efficiency, long-term support and value for money.

If you are in the market for anything to do with compressed air or alternative energy please don’t hesitate to give us a call or an email.


We sell and lease what we believe to be the most efficient and cost effective range of air compressors, AirPipe systems, refrigerated driers, air filtration units and accessories.


Nukor offers a complete range of efficiency focused rotary screw and scroll compressors ranging from small, 2.2kW single phase units all the way up to large compressors over 200kW.


We also supply Nukor AirPipe, an all aluminium air distribution system that we believe is the safest, most compatible and most flow-efficient system on the market today.


We carry a complete range of air treatment solutions, refrigerated air driers, particulate filters and oil/water separators that are compatible with all compressors and air distribution systems.


We are able to trade-in or decommission your old air compressor, drier or distribution system with a minimum of hassle.


Nukor offers a range of compressed air equipment lease services that can be tailored to your individual situation. Whether a traditional lease or a pay-per-cube structure, we can get you up and running without having to outlay for new plant or worry about servicing costs and unexpected breakdowns.

Because there is no need to invest in any equipment, no installation costs or servicing contracts, leasing can be a great solution if your business is seeking to limit capital expenditure. So if you want the latest, most efficient air compressor and distribution system and don’t want to worry about maintenance, obsolescence or repairs Nukor Lease-Air may be your best option.


Not having the initial outlay to purchase a compressor can be good for your cashflow.


We have a few different structures available with flexible contract terms and upgradable compressors so your compressed air plant can change with your business.


We guarantee your compressed air uptime, air quality and energy efficiency and can remotely monitor the compressor 24/7 so that we are able to respond to a problem before it happens.


As well as having the latest and most efficient E-VSD compressors, we offer heat recovery units on all our lease compressors. So if there is another process in your facility that requires heat this can save considerable energy.


Nukor offers an extensive range of alternative energy products at competitive prices.


We specialise in small, lightweight diesel powered generators and engines suitable for many uses.


Our LiFePO4 lithium batteries come in a multitude of capacities and shapes, talk to us about how we can help provide you with the battery you need.


We supply an extensive range of solar panels, solar charge controllers and accessories.


We are able to provide many different types of heat exchangers suited to the task of heat recovery from industrial processes and can help you design a solution for your business.