AirPipe Systems

Nukor AirPipe is the only compressed air pipe system that uses aluminium not plastic for all pipe and pressure critical fittings such as tee’s, elbow’s and sockets making it one of the safest and most reliable systems on the market today.


Nukor AirPipe is the complete solution for all your compressed air distribution needs from compressor to point of use.


All fittings right down to 20mm are solid, pressure cast aluminium with smooth internal geometry that has been designed to maximise flow rates.


Thanks to its powder coated aluminium construction Nukor AirPipe remains clean and free of corrosion.


The smooth, low friction surface, larger internal diameter and flush internal joins of the Nukor AirPipe system reduces resistance and pressure drop, thus increasing the efficiency of your air system.


Nukor’s AirPipe system can be installed by one person without any special training or complicated tools.


Due to its all aluminium construction the Nukor AirPipe system is highly resistant to mechanical vibration, thermal expansion, and is able to withstand all weather conditions.


Thanks to its light weight and ease of use AirPipe can be up to 70% faster to install than traditional galv pipe.

Compatible & Re-Usable

Nukor AirPipe can easily be adapted to any existing pipe systems with the use of AirPipe to BSP adaptor fittings. All Nukor AirPipe fittings and pipe can be disassembled and reused if any changes to your system are required.


Extra outlets can be added at any time with the Nukor AirPipe Quick Connect fitting.

Air Tight

The double O-ring design of the Nukor AirPipe system is more resistant to leaks than other systems.

Extensive Range

With over 370 parts in the Nukor AirPipe range and pipe sizes of 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 101mm, 153mm 205mm, AirPipe is up to the job of any compressed air reticulation system you have planned.

Multi Use

Nukor AirPipe is suitable for compressed air up to 13Bar as well as vacuum and Nitrogen gas.

Multi Colours

AirPipe is available in grey and blue with most other colours available to order.


Comprehensive, 10 year warranty on all pipe and fittings.