Air Compressors

Our variable speed E-VSD rotary screw and scroll air compressors are smaller,
quieter and more economical than traditional reciprocating compressors.

15-132kW eVSD Screw

The Nukor E-VSD range of next-generation, rotary screw air compressors offer leading efficiency and reliability incorporating the latest technology such as variable speed direct-drive permanent magnet motors.

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22-250kW NKC-D Screw

Our NKC-D series compressors offer the same market leading reliability and direct-drive system as the E-VSD range but at a lower price point due to the use of an industry standard induction motor.

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7.5-15kW NKC Screw

The Nukor NKC range of compressors offer an affordable way to bring rotary screw compressor technology to your workshop. Replace that old, inefficient and noisy thing out the back with a reliable, quiet, efficient rotary screw air compressor.

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2.2-22kW NKC-S Scroll

The Nukor NKC-S series of scroll air compressors offer many advantages over traditional reciprocating, diaphragm, and vane compressors because of their oil-free design, small size and incredibly quiet operation.

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10-300kW NKC-P Portable

Nukor NKC-P portable compressors are powered by KUBOTA and CUMMINS diesel engines and all models have full digital control panels, high efficiency air-end pumps and low-noise insulated canopies. Available in trailer or skid mount configurations suitable for all applications including roading, construction, demolition, mining and forestry.

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