15-132kW eVSD Rotary Screw


The Nukor E-VSD range of next-generation, rotary screw air compressors offer leading efficiency and reliability incorporating the latest technology such as variable speed direct-drive permanent magnet motors.


At the core of all Nukor E-VSD Compressors is the E-VSD permanent magnet motor/air-end integrated unit. With no belts, pulleys, or motor bearings the efficiency and reliability of E-VSD units are in a class of their own.


In many cases E-VSD compressors can achieve energy savings of 50% over non-VSD compressors and even 10% over standard VSD compressors. Unlike compressors with standard induction motor’s the permanent magnet motor of the E-VSD remains highly efficient at all motor speeds.


In E-VSD models, 100% motor to air-end transfer efficiency is achieved due to the integration of the airend and motor in one unit with no belts, drive couplings or motor bearings. This simplicity reduces maintenance costs and increases reliability as in most compressors these parts need regular maintenance and are prone to failure. The E-VSD permanent magnet motor is 1/3 the size of a standard induction motor of the same power. This makes for a very compact unit.


All Nukor E-VSD Compressors use an internally ducted cooling system that keeps heat, oil, and dust out of the main cabinet and away from critical components. The E-VSD is cooled by a variable speed turbo fan controlled by its own variable speed drive, this increases efficiency and significantly reduces noise levels.


The E-VSD series of compressors use advanced sound baffling designs and deadening materials. The E-VSD airend, motor unit and internally ducted cooling system all make for a very quiet compressor with sound levels as low as 63db (NKC-EVSD-15).


No rubber hoses. All Nukor E-VSD compressors use solid hydraulic lines for all internal air and oil lines as opposed to rubber hoses that often leak oil inside the compressor cabinet.


Not just a compressor but a fully integrated compressed air package. The Nukor E-VSD range of compressors are available with integrated, refrigerated air dryers, filters, and receivers (tanks). The integrated E-VSD drive & air-end allow for a much smaller package and thus overall unit footprint.


The rotary screw airend (pump unit) of the E-VSD is of the latest rotor profile design and is highly efficient at all speeds.


Control of the E-VSD is taken care of by Nukor’s own advanced E-TOUCH touch screen controller. The E-TOUCH controller is fully integrated with the VSD drive unit of the compressor and keeps the compressor running at optimum efficiency. The E-TOUCH controller is capable of multi compressor linking and remote monitoring & control of all compressor functions. The E-TOUCH also keeps track of all compressor maintenance intervals.

Permanent Magnet Motor

Motor, Air-end & separation tank

Motor and cooling system

Integrated Air Line Filters


Nukor’s entire range of compressors are available with an integrated energy recovery system as an optional extra. This system can recover up to 90% of the electrical energy consumed by the compressor in the form of heat. Nukor can help you to find useful applications for this recovered heat that will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Power (kW) / (HP)15 / 20
Output (M³ / CFM)2.18 / 77
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)68
LxWxH (mm)1230 x 800 x 1310
Weight (Kg)550
Port Size (BSP)3/4″


Power (kW) / (HP)22 / 30
Output (M³ / CFM)3.57 / 126
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)68
LxWxH (mm)1350 x 860 x 1330
Weight (Kg)580
Port Size (BSP)1″


Power (kW) / (HP)37 / 50
Output (M³ / CFM)6.35 / 224
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)68
LxWxH (mm)1400 x 970 x 1456
Weight (Kg)630
Port Size (BSP)2″


Power (kW) / (HP)55 / 75
Output (M³ / CFM)10.78/ 381
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)72
LxWxH (mm)1500 x 1080 x 1700
Weight (Kg)1190
Port Size (BSP)2″


Power (kW) / (HP)75 / 100
Output (M³ / CFM)12.8/ 452
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)75
LxWxH (mm)1700 x 1180 x 1780
Weight (Kg)1380
Port Size (BSP)DN65


Power (kW) / (HP)110 / 150
Output (M³ / CFM)18.9/ 667
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)75
LxWxH (mm)1850 x 1320 x 2320
Weight (Kg)1880
Port Size (BSP)DN65


Power (kW) / (HP)132 / 175
Output (M³ / CFM)22.5/ 795
Pressure (Bar / PSI)8-12.5 / 116-180
Noise (dBA)75
LxWxH (mm)2250 x 1260 x 2055
Weight (Kg)2040
Port Size (BSP)DN65