Air Distribution & Treatment

The Nukor All Aluminium AirPipe system is one of the most efficient, reliable and affordable systems on the market and our extensive range of air treatment solutions will keep your air clean, dry and oil-free.

AirPipe Systems

Nukor AirPipe is the only compressed air pipe system that uses aluminium not plastic for all pipe and pressure critical fittings such as tee’s, elbow’s and sockets making it one of the safest and most reliable systems on the market today.

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Refrigerated Air Dryers

  Nukor’s new NKD range of compressed air dryers offer unparalleled efficiency thanks to the use of a unique stainless steel, twin-pass heat exchanger and vortex water separator. The twin-pass heat exchanger pre-cools the incoming air with the exiting air resulting in energy savings of up to 30%.

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