Lithium – LiFePO4

Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries have many benefits over other lithium and lead based batteries especially for use within alternative energy systems.

Range Information


LiFePo4 batteries are extremely efficient during charge and discharge. With 95% efficiency on a charge/discharge cycle, LiFePo4 cells offer increased energy savings and provide more stored energy for the same charge input when compared to lead acid technologies. Conventional lead acid batteries can waste up to 20% of the initial charge energy supplied to them through charge losses.


Our LiFePO4 batteries are able to store over 2x the amount of energy per kg than the equivalent lead acid battery.


LiFePO4 batteries are able to be charged and discharged up to 10x faster than lead acid. This means they are able to capture the full charge rate of a generator, large solar array or supply high current demands. Often if one has a lead acid storage bank that is being charged by a generator, the generator is only able to run at part operating capacity as the array can only take a relatively slow charge current. This can be frustrating especially for boaties.


LiFePO4 batteries stay charged once charged with virtually no degradation when left alone. This makes them ideal for use in backup and marine situations where batteries often stay unused for months at a time.


The chemistry of LiFePO4 means that unlike lead acid there is no dangerous hydrogen gas emitted when charging. LiFePo4 cells can withstand crushing, heating, burning, overvoltage and extreme currents without becoming dangerous.


LiFePO4 cells output almost the same voltage from full to empty giving them a very stable output voltage which makes the inverters job much easier.

SLI Marine/Auto/Truck Format

Reduce weight and increase capacity easily with Nukor’s range of LiFePo4 “drop in” replacement upgrade batteries.


Our “SLI” upgrade batteries have the same physical size and shape as standard, common lead acid batteries but offer all the advantages of LiFePo4 technology.


These batteries are perfect for the rigours of motorsport as they are smaller, lighter, offer powerful cranking amps and their design allows them to be mounted safely in any orientation.


As well as the inherent safety benefits of LiFePO4, these SLI batteries come complete with a built in battery protection device and integrated cell balancing circuitry.


We can design and build custom battery packs of any size, capacity or voltage required. Whether you want to upgrade an existing battery or have a new project, we can provide a competitive solution. We also provide competitive and effective upgrades for UPS systems, telecommunication and backup systems, renewable and marine energy storage systems.