Air Filtration

Nukor’s range of air treatment filters virtually eliminate contamination within your air system and give peace of mind that your machinery and processes are supplied with clean, oil-free air. Sizes from 1-500 m3/min.

Nukor air treatment filters feature an all aluminium body complete with differential pressure gauges, high efficiency filter elements and automatic condensate drain.


High efficiency general purpose protection. Particle removal down to 1 micron, including water and oil aerosols. Generally placed before a refrigerated dryer.

Filter Micron1
Residual Oil Content:0.5mg/m3
Dry Pressure Drop:0.07bar
Wet Pressure Drop:0.14bar



High efficiency oil removal. Particle removal down to 0.01 micron, including water and oil aerosols. Generally placed after a refrigerated dryer and NKF-A filter.

Filter Micron0.01
Residual Oil Content:0.01mg/m3
Dry Pressure Drop:0.1bar
Wet Pressure Drop:0.2bar




Oil vapour and odour removal by activated carbon. Must be placed after a NKF-B filter.



Residual Oil Content:0.003mg/m3
Dry Pressure Drop:0.2bar
Wet Pressure Drop:0.3bar



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