Rocket Lab’s launch site opening

This is the world’s first private launch complex for orbital space flights and is licensed to launch every 72 hours for the next 30 years. This will allow Rocket Lab and New Zealand to have have the highest launch frequency of any country in the world.

Rocket Lab is currently developing the Electron small satellite launch vehicle and plans to begin test launches from the new Mahia Peninsula site later this year. The Electron takes advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques such as 3D metal printing
of engine components and extensive use of carbon fibre in the structure of the vehicle. The Rutherford rocket engine used in the Electron also has some very innovative design features
like the use of brushless DC electric motors and lithium polymer batteries to power the propellant pumps reducing manufacturing costs and adding an amazing level of control not possible with traditional gas powered turbo pumps. All this allows the Electron to operate at a much lower cost per launch opening up space to a new generation of small satellites.

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